Supportive Living Apartments

The living environment that Walden provides is a community based, recovery inspired program that promotes wellness, life skill building, a place to gain confidence and a place for residents to acclimate to independent living. 
Walden provides support for men and women with eating disorders, anxiety, depression and OCD. Complimented with recovery- oriented individualized personal coaching.




Walden Living provides support through assisting in effective ways of staying in the present moment through mindful nature walks, meditation, guided imagery, affirmation cards, or doing arts and crafts in our art room.

Many of our residents are not confident practicing daily life skills due to their mental health taking up a majority of their time prior to entering recovery.

Our coaches are available to assist in exposure work, budgeting, meal planning, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping and plenty of other skill building experiences. 

Walden Living is able to coach residents on their plans for the future. Residents can learn how to build a clean resume and use their skills to get through this process that can be very challenging for many. Coaches do mock interviewing with residents as well as assistance with filling out applications.


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