We strive to normalize daily life. Coming out of treatment can be just as terrifying as going into treatment. Its a pivotal point in life where people are often at a crossroads where they can either choose to use their skills and build onto their foundation of recovery or they can go back to their behaviors. Either way the choice is hard and no matter who you are, change is hard. We are here to interrupt that huge leap. We are here to take you on not only a path of building confidence for everyday life but a journey to get your life back. 


Each person is different. We customize every plan for each resident based on their motivators, their life skill level and their disorder. We focus on life. We focus on living life. Sometimes that focus can be going on a hike and getting in touch with each of our senses so that we can be away from our negative thoughts and into the tiniest of moments. 


From learning how to do laundry, to cooking, to gardening or even building a relationship and connecting with a horse, we are willing to walk the walk with you. We can make your recovery an experience where you are not just a resident. You are not just your disorder. You are a person who we desire to see grow in ways you didn’t even know you could. 

We have been successfully coaching clients throughout the Delafield area and facilitating their growth since 2007. We are a team of professional coaches who strive to create an environment that is safe and empowering for you and your recovery. Our goal is to help you develop and strengthen the life skills that your disorder has either taken away or not allowed you to confidently develop. 

We are here to challenge you AND support you on this journey.