Our apartments are fully furnished and with everything you will need. You will have your own bedroom, own or shared bathroom and you will be provided with a dresser and a closet. 

Each apartment has a kitchen with all appliances, a family room and a dining area. 

Every apartment also has a washer and dryer.


Provided by Walden Living: 

* Bedding 


*Towels (2 Full towels, 1 hand towel, 1 washcloth )


*Smart TV to log into personal Netflix, Hulu, Prime etc. accounts 


*Cooking utensils 

*Coffee maker

*Basic Cleaning supplies 


*Toilet paper

*Paper towel 

*Laundry detergent/dryer sheets


*Communal Art Supplies 


Packing List: 

*10-12 days worth of comfortable clothes and various layers (weather changes) 


*Personal toiletries 

*Personal electronics (phones, computers, chargers)


Supportive Living Apartments 

The living environment that Walden provides is a community based, recovery inspired program that promotes wellness, life skill building, a place to gain confidence and a place for residents to acclimate to independent living. 


Walden Living is located in Delafield Wisconsin: 402 Genesee St. The apartments are located in the downtown of the quaint, safe, and beautiful town of Delafield. This gives residents the opportunity to practice independent living in an environment where it’s a small town feel with lots of outdoor opportunities and quaint shops and restaurants. The coaching staff at Walden are all trained mental health professionals who are equipped in supporting the residents as they are going through recovery successes and challenges. 


Walden Living also provides a community space to encourage the importance of building healthy interpersonal skills. This is a place where residents can gather for community meals, participate in individual cooking sessions, or group cooking.  The community apartment has a ping pong table as well as an individual room for guided imagery and meditation or yoga.  


This unique space includes: 


  • Fully furnished, comfortable and safe apartments in Delafield. 

  • Plenty of available treatment/outpatient provider options 

  • Washer/Dryer in each apartment 

  • Exercise Facility

  • Pool

  • Walking trails

  • Library 

  • An abundance of support from staff


Walden Living offers supportive living quarters for individuals in recovery from eating, mood and anxiety disorders. These apartments can be crucial for residents as they are moving from 24 hour care and could benefit from being in a place where they are still supported however learning the skills they need to foster independence. 

Walden Life Coaches are on site 2:30 – 8:00 Monday – Friday and 9:00 – noon on Saturdays to assist with daily living skills and management. Coaches work directly with treatment teams in order to deliver the most comprehensive treatment for recovering individuals. Each day coaches host a community time group where mindfulness skills are put into play as well as socializing time and crafting. Coaches are available to assist in exposure work, budgeting, meal planning, and plenty of other skill building experiences.